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Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
4:56 pm - Words
Words are not simply the result of our thoughts, they are the backbone and structure of it. Human thought is infinite and formless; A void of direction, ambition or restriction - having neither purpose or imperative beyond the universal necessities of life. Now drop in language -thousands and thousands of words. Suddenly, the formless blob has a backbone on which to grow, a structure to support and expand. Thought grows along the mesh of words we now know. Try it - your daily thoughts, even uncommunacated, are now structured of words.
But then, just as they support, they also restrict. 
Words flow along concrete pathways; they have a relation to the lives we live. Words like Work, vacation, week, house, behavior, money, media, restaurant, and the like all flow along rigid tracks. In this way, the very nature of words themselves serves to structure the shape of our thoughts, and, in turn, our lives.
Think of a snowflake. Water is formless and flowing. It has no structure and no real restriction. It's not inhibited from flowing in any direction by itself (ie without gravity or obstacle in the way), but tends to stay clumped and cannot reach very far in any one direction. Now when it freezes, it structures itself along the water molecules. These, like words, enable it to create far reaching 'arms' in many directions, but then look what happens. Giant gaps are formed between the arms. if more ice is added, it invariably tends to connect at the ends of the already established parts, and align itself with it. So the shape of the seemingly insignificant molecule in expressed through the final crystal shape.

So too is thought affected similarly by structuring it around language, but the analogy breaks down past that. Not all snowflakes have gaps as sometimes, crystal structure 'back fills" by expanding backwards towards the center. It is also mantra to remind people that "no two snowflakes are alike". But snowflakes don't form as thoughts do. Beyond simply the words, thoughts, lives, and society all form together. Words are communicative tools, so in order to be able to relate to others, our thought patterns are highly influenced by others and influential to others. So then, do the arms of thought form parallel to each other. If they did not, we could not communicate as well, would be unable to relate and so be incompatible in many areas. And oh! what a woeful fate awaits those who form a unique shape.

Deviant, outcast, maladjusted, kook, mental disorder, weirdo, chemical imbalance - these are the words associated to incompatible lines of thought. Uniqueness, imagination, and open-mindedness the words for enemies of order - met desperately with the open arms of therapy, counseling, and psychoactive drugs, isolation, and of course, endless stigma. We are dedicated, it seems in living structured, prefab lives.

We seem so proud of ourselves, as humans, but I wonder what we really have. What else could be have become if not this? When I finally find myself staring into those gaps in thought, I can't go into them anymore than anyone else. They are dark, unilluminated spaces, with no words to find a path. A hiker can travel and see an impressive lake, or a but can't hike *inside* it. There might be an astounding ecosystem on it's bed or a curious composition of salts in its water, but for the hiker, there things are alien - incompatible. He cannot relate. There are no means for him to do so, and why would he want to? The preset path already beckons him on.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
4:52 pm
Well well - contrary to popular belief, I am not, in fact, dead just quite yet : P
Specifics I could flood with, Games, I could type my keys worn and blank, internal conflict tides that could cause comas, but suffice to say, I'm going to try to drop all the backlog and just make the effort to tpye something in here more often, even if it lacks my usual convolutions and unnecessary details. (you're.. Welcome? : P )

I have started this game Mabinogi - its not bad, it's cute. Kinda of simple, but enjoyable, in a way.
Yes, Nexon.. worst company ever. I swear. Mabi seem to be their only good game, and their support of it is practicaly non existant. Also the new Flash intro page thing is stupid wish they just had a working mainpage link > >
SO don;t give them a dime if you try it - really, they suck > >

Honestly, aside from that, I've done something regrettable..  I've started to really look at the world around me and how it's run using this electronic mesh we've created, and it seems to me to be on a much worse track then I had though, just absorbing peripheral information and opinions around me.And in the end it seems my marble has rolled into alliance with the most unpopular and highly maligned schools of thought. I won't discuss further, but I fear it will lead me to beak with a lot of people and things I once liked. Sufficient to say that, it seems to me, that the world really is a lie. To the point where I have to go back and re-research just about everything I've ever been told about anything. I'll try to keep it out of here, but, I wonder how things will turn out, and who I will end up alienating int he end.

Well, at any rate, apologies for falling off the earth, how are all (any? XD) of you?

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Sunday, January 6th, 2008
12:15 pm
Okay so I managed to finance Christmas without too much trouble. It went well, actually, though all my out-of-town gifts are always quite late, as I can't ship things on time to save my life. My classes (beginner spoken Japanese - I study a bit on my own, but it's nice to get some chronological, formal instruction, and chemical technology, of which I have to rant about my teachers later, it's fairly amusing XD) went well enough this fall (spring's sign-up are turning into a headache and a half - I hope I actually get to go, even : / )

As for myself, I knew I would, but it's starting to get annoying that I'm anchored in place by my education...

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Thursday, December 20th, 2007
11:08 pm - Cobwebs and dust!
My, my... It's been a while since I've been here - I wonder if it's even worth it to pick it back up? At any rate, I have a lot of crap to rant about - and I'm sure by now, no one left to read it : P
As for right now, forget it. I'm far too tired. That seems to be the running theme too - I'm so tired lately. I don't understand it.  If anything, I've been getting MORE sleep with more consistent times - yet it doesn't seem to be working to my advantage. Also, I seem to be in the serious habit of writing one sentence - and then a hyphen to separate the rest of the thought. So, really - you don't want me writing a full entry right now : P

*Thought* - *Counterthought*, *repeat*.

 ugh -_-

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Friday, September 7th, 2007
12:42 pm
Well, definitely an interesting day today. Well, my school decides to auto-drop my class last minute, so all the classes I had registered in MAY to make SURE I'd get in all filled up in the space it took me to realize what had happened and re-register - so I had to take a few un-favorable time slots. So, anyway, Wednesday I give my school class schedule to work and they got back to me today saying that there was nothing they could do for me, they were looking for a lot of hours. Meaning that I had to choose between my education and my employment... (I ALREADY had to choose between my education and my healthcare  -_- )
 The only thing I was able to do is get a flexible math lab (I wanted a freaking LECTURE what the hell -_-) so I said if needed, I could work days full-time and they said they'd get back to me. I'm not optimistic, honestly : /
So, I'm waiting for a phone call to tell me if today is in fact, truly my last day. Ahaha...I'm not sure what I'm going to do  ^ ^iiiii - losing your job while trying to pay for your own school is not exactly ideal..
but if nothing else, today will be quite interesting >_<

Update> So, hmm it seems as if they took that idea and are willing to put me on in the morning (astonishment) - with one catch, I have to work full time : /

It's schedule hell, but yay for income. sorry for getting all worried >_<

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
9:02 am
Okay! Shotgun game impressions/rants. Putting my DS and PSP to good use. My Wii sees use, but it's mostly VC games and RE4 right now, which I've already played. The new controls are nice though.

Odin Sphere (PS2) is a very, very pretty 2D side-scrolling, brawler, RPG kind of - thing. It's hard to explain, but it is fun to play, though slightly repetitive. The story in interesting and entertaining, as are the wonderfully illustrated and large characters. As for gameplay, while being a side-scrolling brawler, it's amazingly done for what it is. Moves reward skill and strategy, and are challenging without being maddening. You not only have items you find and buy from merchants, there are item mixing, growing, and EXP gaining systems embedded in it. I really like it so far, but I kind of got stuck and haven't gotten back to it yet.

Megaman X8 (PS2) Okay okay, I know - no one likes Megaman X these days, and while I agree the story is cringe-inducing at best, I am a lifelong fan because I love the gameplay. Dash, grapple, slash, etc (I use mostly Zero, if you can't tell) is just fun for me to get good at, challenging, yet possible if you get proficient. Anyway, I was thrilled to see that model was brought back after X7 obliterated it. Except for a couple vehicle stages, it's as good as ever 2D play.

Shining Force EXA (PS2) You know how much I liked Shining Force, even though it remained essentially the same? And how much I hated Shining Force Neo because it was hack and slash but thought it was fun? Weeellll it turns out that hack and slash doesn't work well for the whole next-game-is-almost-the-same-thing  formula. Seriously - Exaclty the same. If you want to try the whole SF hack and slash bit, buy Shining Force Neo, you'll have more fun, and spend less. Hmm? What? A different story? What story? Ohh, that's right, I guess they do have different stories, I was too busy desperately trying to block out both "plots" to notice.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) An amazing game. Jagged as the PS2 is, the landscape is stunning and littered with interesting ruins and landforms. The premise is pretty simple: you enter a forbidden land in hopes of returning the life of a young girl sacrificed for some ritual or another, and have to defeat 16(#?) collosi to do it. So you set off wandering the land to defeat these creatures, who range from medium-sized to huge to utterly enormous. They are as fascinating as the landscape around them and is kind of a thrill to fight some of them. From giant , upright knights, to mile-long flying serpents and underwater eels, to lumbering beasts in caves, deserts and lake- bottoms. In the end, it was too short, and there was nothing much else in the game worth exploring the wonderful (but FULL of cliffs and gaps you need to go ALLL the way around >_< ) area for. But I had a lot of fun playing it, and would reccommend you try it if you can rent it (it only cost me $16 used anyway), but its certainly not for everyone.

Etrian Odyssey (DS) This is an odd game. You get a faceless (aka void of distinguishing features in different parts) 3-D maze littered with TOUGH, turn-based battles. Your Party? Whatever you want - you choose 5 party members from a list of classes and name them. So you don't get any real plot characters, or much plot, for that matter. As for said map, you DO get where you go mapped for you - at least the floor tiles. The rest? The doors, different path walls, etc you have to draw in. That's right, you make your own map - which is the plot - somehow. The whole plot is you want to explore and map the labyrinth - so all plot is situational beyond that. It's not BAD, but I prefer a plot and real character most of the time : /

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) isn't a bad game. Portrait of Ruin almost seems a step backwards in a sense ow that I've played this. As a fan of the first game, Aria of Sorrow, (this is its sequal) I was dissapointed to see the artwork in general take a dive fro the GBA original.

Luminous Arc (DS) A strategy RPG i the key of Final Fantasy tactics (although I didn't like that game myself and don't understand how it became such a launching-point for every SRPG) - Anyway, it turned out better then I expected - boss fights are cheap with far reaching and devastating special moves. As for the other fights, they are challenging and interesting, although the moves have almost NO elevation range, so if the terrain is hilly (almost always) you have to go around. Characters with a move-range of 3 get left behind too easily for all the having to go around everything. As for the story, it's fair , though cheesy and predictable, while the characters are well drawn for the most part. All in all it's not bad, I still haven;t finished it thanks to the as said cheap special moves of bosses..

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Saturday, August 4th, 2007
6:45 am
ugh... it's been so long - you're welcome sorry everyone.
Well then, where to begin? Well mostly working - like always - so it's nice to get some savings bach behind me again finnaly. Though... I still managed to buy myself a Wii (though I still can't stand that name!) at long last. I'm still in OMGthisthingisawesome mode - and I haven't even bought a game for it. Oddly enough, I'm actually typing this entry on it right now. A little tedious, but the novelty hasn't worn off yet, so it works out XD
School is starting in a month, and I'm just as glad to be going back as I was to get off. It's a collosal pain, don't let anyone fool you, but.. I feel so derelict unless I'm in a class.. Working is fine, but it has little satisfaction when you feel like you're not growing as a person - sense?
Though, as work is always nessesary, I am happy to report I got a better assistant as well as a raise this week ^^
The next month brings with it bill-hell as well as that day where I get older , so hopefully I can re-adjust to being "the poor guy" again, lol

expect a large summer games update unceremoniously plsstered here before too long...
bye for now - and I apologise for my negligence here - I haven't forgotten any of you~

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
6:10 am
Summer time! Where I have free time for alllll sorts of things, but sadly, the willpower to actually *do* very few of them.
Videogames, however I seem to have to end of motivation for -_-... (in other embarrasing news, freaking pokemon, of all things, is the WORST for that XD... and no, if you don't know my age, I'm not going to tell you...)
I need to get one of those "sleep schedules".. I hear they're all the rage these days. Oh well, I'll need some slacking off under my belt for school in the fall, looks to be the most horrid schedule yet so far ...

Also, am i the only one left on earth who still hates drugs? 0_oi I really think I am... I mean every one SAYS they do, but.. Seems people who say they hate drugs turn around and take them, people who say getting drunk is sickening do it themselves often enough anyway, those who (I think I'm the only one left almost) say sex isn't  part of love and call others "sluts", etc don't seem to to be eager to turn down  offers.
Oh wow I sound like a hermit - better invest in that mountain cabin now before inflation makes even those unaffordable. (There I go again - I really am well on my way to miserville XD)

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Sunday, May 6th, 2007
6:25 pm
Finally. Done.
Not sure how I did though since people are taking their time posting grades up, but we'll see..
Seems the first order of business on my extended vacation from school is staying up way late and sleeping in... and it isn't even a conscious decision! I really need little gnomes or something that drag me off to bed if I stay up past 2am, because if I get even mariginally entertained, I just won't sleep >_<i

And I really wish my electronic music obsession would end ... It's so cheesy, but so addicting.
I always like the weirdest stuff ...

The Retrosic - Desperate youth

Telepopmusic - Breathe

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
11:25 pm
Woo, only two more weeks of this carp and I'm ff for the summer in terms of school. I'm quite glad to be going, don;t get me wrong, but it's So annoying sometimes, especially with the advancement of extended daylight (yay!) and heat (Not yay : /) and bugs (not yay) and the extra - really s l o w traffic making it take much longer to get everywhere (you guessed it - not yay).
But they REALLY pile on the work at the end. I STILL don;t know how to do a book analysis and the instructor certainly won't tell me ("blahblahblah - you should have taken another writing class first" - for history - I guess- somehow)
In these times of less and less sleep (and occasionally no sleep) however, I'm reminded what a wonderfully useful and horrible discovery caffeine is. It lets me adjust the schedule of my needing to address my fatigue, but it really does a number on you to overdo it - not to mention my hear will start acting weird again if I don't watch it. Diet Coke is the WORST. I love/hate Diet Coke. : / It has to be pure evil - don't believe what Coca-cola says - they don;t make in in their factories, they just bottle that liquid darkness. No, I swear they have some secret facility where they drill straight down to Niflheim and pump it out of the Styx. : /

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Thursday, April 12th, 2007
12:02 pm - The world of dreams
Haven't done this in a LONG while..
So, in this one, I'm doing something or other and feel like I'm running out of time in my life (not that outlandish) and I sit down and doze off for a second. I awake to a retort on my desk.. a small desk I can't place as I find myself awakening from one of the countless naps I took during a highschool math class NINE years ago. I used to pride myself on waking in such a way to hide that I was asleep, but this time I dumbfounded and just sat there, completely bewildered. How did I get here? I recognised the faces around me vaguely too, and I remember the one tapping my desk to wake me up. I immedately left for the nurse's with a barely audiable "excuse me, I'm going to be sick" at the teacher, Mr. Desaurisis llars.... er.. you know, I never *could* get that guy's name right. Anyway I convinced the nurse to let me go home, and wasn't saying anyting else but acting how I thought I normally would back then..

It was a long meeting with the parents that night, and or course they thought I was nuts at first, but my history of being far from normal helped them to at least play along. there was no way I could do highschool again, I didn't know ANY of the material (don;t think you can just jump into a classin the middle just because you took it a decade ago and it's highschool)
I begged them for a ride to my college, just to make sure I knew what i was talking about.. sure enough, the place looked exactly as it should, so it meant that I had indeed gone through what I believed I had
So under the assumption that I had just snapped and couldn't take it anymore and was anxious, they let me take my GED, which I did rather well on, and started over from there.
Over the next nine years, I did all sorts of thing, I bought things that I knew would become valuable and sold what would lose favor to make a little money.. when I was old enough I applied for my current job and made manger because I 'learned' it all so fast. With that, I started going to school again, adding to what I had already, taken.
I had to reintroduce myself to all the people I had met and come to cherish in those nine years (which was so very awkward XD), and I spent more time with those I would lose. I was nearly arrested from a payphone on the dawn of the 11th of September phoning a bomb threat into the WTC, trying to empty the place out, and doing as much as I could not to waste what I was given - though in the end I suppose I should apply that to the the here and now, rather then hoping for a freak miracle, I know. : P


Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
3:06 pm
Exams, round 2/3

Geology: 90
Eastern History: 93
Chemistry : 103

So slipping a bit - except for chem, don't know what happened there, lol (teach him to build in extra points) And ugh @ geology.. I've never SEEN so many trick questions before.
And I have SOOOO much work to get done before the end or the month it's crazy -_-
Anyone know anywhere I could find a sample "book analysis"? -_-

M link
An odd vocal track, it gets a little harsh around 1:55-2:05, but I really like it (further evidence of my eccentricity : P )

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Sunday, April 1st, 2007
1:17 am
When we were little, we were told that imagination was important. That to cultivate our minds was a very precious, sacred thing. In the end I can see why they said so - Humans are always reaching higher in their lives, the arts are all around us, adding beauty and wonder to the otherwise drab backdrop we go through from day to day.
But sometimes, I think I would have been better off without it. Those mindless people just going to work day to day at the same job they've had since they were in their 20's, from work tho the family and back again. I envy those people.. they don;t seem to shine brightly on the surface, but they are content in something I could never be. I scoff at their love of alcohol and sex, and yet, I secretly wonder if it is not perhaps better that way?
Imagination's benefit is seeing worlds with in worlds, to see an entire universe in a grain of sand. The things I have seen in my mind astonish me. The deeper I dive into the human psyche, both in the drawings and stories of other, as well as the worlds formed inside my own are more precious to me then anything,
 Yet, the price for something precious is always high... And the fee paid for the ability to live thousands of lives a day is proportionally staggering.  An acid, heartbreaking yearning grips the heart every waking hour for places that cannot exist, for events that cannot occur. When a daydream ends and we see which side of it was reality, a part of the heart seems to die.
I now begin to see the sublime logic of the Amish, though I know it's far too late for me to bury what has been created. I could never close the door, once opened. I could never live so simply now. Even the life I now have now feels empty and stale in most places, and it seems sometimes that only the simple things I enjoy and the endless fantastic lies of imagination make my daily life worth living.

Current Music (links) :
Grendel - Aspiration Field.mp3

CTRL - Grand Experiment.mp3

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Sunday, March 18th, 2007
11:36 pm
Okay I'm sorry, I try to be all respectful and understanding and all, but I dearly, dearly hate rap music. Seriously. It's annoying, self-centered disgusting, unintelligent and base. I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings but on the days I forget my headphones at work and have to listen to it throughout my shift I literally have to FORCE myself not to break the stupid radio. And do they HAVE to play a five song set the ENTIRE DAY? If it wasn't bad enough, a day having to listen to my co-worker's rap station consists of roughly five songs played 20 times each. I'm sorry, but it's utterly unfathomable to me HOW anyone could put up with that. Even if it was five songs I loved or, that I was really good at blocking out, I couldn't take a day of it. And it's a good 2-4 months before they change the lineup!!! I swear people can;t be serious when they listen to these stations.. it has to be a joke on us uninitiated people that we just aren't in on.
I know the words to their lineup more then I do the songs I *like*!
And with such lyrical gems, no less (romanization of the language  is approximated, as there seem to be no academic standard for it):

"This is why I'm hot. I'm Hot cuz' I'm fly, you ain't cuz' you not, this is why I'm hot!"


UGH.. I think I feel some more brain cells dying. And I wonder if it's funny or just sad that every other ad between songs is a contraception ad or a public service announcement for Planned Parenthood of RI.

If you took out "I", "ME", "M___r F___r", the 'N' word, and any pet names for women's body parts, what would be left? A whole hell of a lot of dead air is what. > >i

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
3:16 pm
Since as soon as I get it, I'll forget what I wanted, this is a personal list of the non-essential things I've been wanting for when/if my tax returns EVER come in.. then I can decide what I might really want to waste my money on.

DS games - Izuna, FF3 possibly

A Wii

Some sword or other useless relic from the past, lol

Vf0-A or YF-19 - plus appropriate after-market markings

Some TotA / FSN merchandise and/or that Top wo Nerae 2 figure I saw to clutter up my shelves more

PS2: check on possible Growlanser V - US (!!), Odin Sphere preorders
(so, yay for Atlus and to hell with them all the same time - no Summon night: SCS3? why?)


Monday, March 12th, 2007
11:27 pm
School vacation. So far I've done an astounding amount of absolutely nothing, but starting Tuesday I'm back to work and going to start finishing up my math credit during the day.
On another interesting note - it's 45 degrees today! That's right! TWO digits! And pretty good ones at that. It broke freezing finally around thursday/friday and has been that way since. I've forgotten what having fingers feels like, lol.

In less noteworthy things, I've finally started Gundam Seed, which I was sent like a freaking half a year ago. Not really a Gundam fan, it's got too much senseless carnage to be believable or fully coherent, and is WAY too teenage angsty for my tastes most of the time.. Still, it IS quite entertaining and fun to watch so far,  I have to say!
Also, Code Geass is gratuitiously brought to you by Pizza Hut. XD

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
5:41 am - Spring Exams, round 1
Okay, so, all my worrying about my stupid history exam turned out to be pointless. Kinda glad, bt kind of annoyed tha it racked me all week. Despite all the lab reports I still need to get done (and there are a good many of them -_-) my exams are out of the way at least..

Chemestry - 95.5 (leave it to the science guy to give a decimal grade)
Geology - 96
Eastern History - 98

So, nothing shabby so far  - test wise, anyway...
-on a side note, how I stay away in ANY of my lectures with how little sleep I've been getting is beyond me.

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Friday, March 2nd, 2007
3:26 am
A nothing update because I can.

The first round of Exams for the semester are coming through.. a stark reminder that I need to get myself better motivated. I just can't seem to do ANYTHING lately. And I'm irritabale too -  beyond belief. I snapped at three people lately for doing non snap-worthy things. Hopefully I'll calm down some as I get my exams done with. I'll post the grades probably Tuesday so I can prove how smart I am so I can show how I'm doing. Unless I do badly, then I'll pretend I forgot. lol

Speaking of exams, my Eastern History test was SO HARD. I couldn't take notes in the second half from having to write so much. I filled of SEVEN pages of the short-type lined paper they gave me and I'm still not even sure I even *passed* the thing.
And speaking of Eastern History, reading a new book.

"The Rape of Nanking" - Iris Chang

It might take some courage to read this in parts, but it's well worth it, if only to bear some sort of witness to what would otherwise be forgotten and unknown. Yes, I know there are scattered inaccuracies and such, but really, it would all have been lost in obscurity if not for this book. The are so many 'squakers' nitpicking both for and against this book, I can almost sympathize  with Chang, who took her own life in 04.

Oh, I was walking down the lab corridor the other day and smelled formaldehyde coming really heavy out one of the labrooms. So I peeked in and they were dissecting *cats* of all things : /  Advanced Biology classes are now *Off* the list...

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007
5:22 pm
Ugh -_- Food poisioning. I'll be back.. eventually.

EDIT!> You know, food poisioning is just like they say. One-two days of absolute hell, then.. poof. 
You go from being horribly sick to being perfectly fine in like less then an hour. It's kinda cool.

Still don't reccomend it though. The novelty isn't really worth it XD

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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
12:11 am

ha ha ha..
Ever notice how, when people are in 'love' and/or really interested in someone how they'll say endlessly how much they care for the other person, even as a friend, want to spend time with them, and how much they mean to them, etc etc?
 Yet, notice if they get rejected or it doesn't work out etc, they dissappear in a puff of smoke once they're sure? Notice how, once the other person is no longer a potential 'love interest', all that supposedly deep caring and desire to spend time with the other person suddenly doesn't exist? So no one *cares* for anyone unless they can get something out of it. - And THIS is what 'love' is supposedly based on? All that 'meaning so much' quickly doesn't seem to 'mean so much', does it? XD

Wouldn't you say romantic "love" is really quite grotesque? : P

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